Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Lakeside Fire Crews Train on the New El Monte Trail

El Monte Valley: Lakeside has a new trail in the community! Only dedicated last month, this new multi-use trail stretches from the El Monte Valley to the community of Blossom Valley. The two-mile path ascends some 1,200 feet to the ridge line above.

Crews use a mechanical advantage system to assist crews on steep portions of the trail.
But as with any trail system, there eventually comes a time when firefighters are called out due to an emergency on the trail. Given the rugged terrain, crews used the opportunity to pre-plan for potential emergencies and practice skills unique to extracting patients from the area.

Crews practice anchoring to "what ever they can get their hands on".. Crews often anchor to rocks, trees, and even the brush.
Crews discussed the best access points and quickly inserting paramedics into the environment so they can get to the patient quickly and initiate care. A key component to a successful rescue is the delivery of definitive care in a timely manner.

Lakeside Fire crews have prior experience with these types of rescues in the El Capitan Mountain area and throughout the region. But what makes this trail unique is the sheer steepness of the slope. This terrain tends to limit options you would normally have for transporting patients from the trail.

Submitted By: Fire Captain Mark Grow, Lakeside Fire District

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