Thursday, October 15, 2015

Lakeside Fire Fighters Host Dinner at the Firehouse

Lakeside, CA - 

The A-Division crew at Lakeside's Lake Jennings Fire Station (fs3) recently prepared dinner for a large group of guests. The "Dinner at the Firehouse" was auctioned to the highest bidder at this year's Lakeside River Park Conservancy Blue Moon Dinner. The meal is provided thanks to the Lakeside Fire Fighters' Association and hosted in conjunction with the Lakeside Fire District.

The firefighters hosting the event were Captain Eric Stamm, Engineer Lance Buford, and Firefighter-Paramedics Mark Poynter and Chad Murray. This is but one of many charitable causes that Lakeside Fire Fighters participate in every year to support our community.

Enjoying Lance's meatloaf at fs3.
Our guests on the "A-Deck" at fs3.
Post and photos by: Captain Eric Stamm, Lakeside Fire District

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