Monday, June 15, 2015

Vehicle Extrication Training

Lakeside, CA

Recently all Lakeside firefighters were able to participate in a valuable training exercise involving the latest techniques used to extricate patients from damaged vehicles.
Captain Eric Stamm leads this training exercise

The Lakeside Fire Protection District would like to thank Horn’s Auto ( for the donation of 6 vehicles to perform vehicle extrication training.  Each division had 2 vehicles to practice different vehicle extrication techniques.  
Captain Rick Dalldorf  looks on as Firefighter Chad Murray uses a hydraulic ram

The firefighters were able to practice various vehicle extrication techniques in a systematic manner.  During a vehicle accident it is extremely important to extricate and transport the patients to the trauma center within 1 hour.  
Engineer Nate Fox cuts the "A" post as Captain Jon Jordan acts as safety officer

This training allowed the veteran firefighters to review their skills and to pass their knowledge down to our newest firefighters in the department.
Hydraulic cutters are used here to make a relief cut

Story and photos by Fire Captain Eric Stamm

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