Thursday, April 10, 2014

Firefighters Rescue Injured Horseback Rider from River Bottom

El Monte Valley:

Firefighters from Lakeside were called Thursday April 10th, 2014 to assists a horseback rider who had been thrown from their horse.  The rider had reportedly been injured on the trail in the river bottom that runs through the El Monte Valley but the exact location was not known.  The San Diego Sheriff's Department assisted the fire department in trying to find the downed rider.  After a short time, the rider was located on the trail.

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Crews from Lakeside Engine 2 and Medic 3 hiked into the scene and began rapid treatment of the patient.  Rescue 3 arrived just behind the other units to assist with extricating the patient off of the trail.  The Patient was carried out in full spinal precautions to M3.   Once in the ambulance the patient was transported to a local trauma center.
Firefighters from E2, M3, and Rescue 3 carry the injured rider out of the river bottom

The injured rider is loaded into M3 for transport to the trauma center

Photos by Captain Mark Grow
Story by Captain Bernie Molloy

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