Monday, April 1, 2013

Another Chipping Day For Eucalyptus Hills Residents

Eucalyptus Hills: On Saturday March 30, 2013 the Eucalyptus Hills Fire Safe Council in cooperation with firefighters from Lakeside Fire Station 2 and the Lakeside LVG held their annual chipping day.  This event has been held every year since 2010 and provides an opportunity for residents in the Lakeside area to bring their tree trimmings to one centralized location and get them chipped into mulch.  This year, like the past three, proved to be a great success. 

There was a great deal of interest in this event
Many residents took advantage of the opportunity to dispose of large amounts of vegetation without needing to get a burn permit or having it hauled off.  After the chipping takes place the residents have the option of taking home this mulch or leaving it for others. 

The mulch was available for pick up by the public
The overall goal of this event is to help residents achieve the goal of providing good defensible space around their residences.  The Lakeside Fire Protection district is happy to see the dedication the Eucalyptus Hills Fire Safe Council is putting into making sure their community is as safe as possible in the event of a wildfire.  A great flyer for what residents should do to meet the legal requirements for defensible space can be downloaded here.
Lakeside LVG and Firefighters helped register residents as they checked in
For more information on how to prepare your home for wildfires please go to Ready for or  Ready San

Photos by: Dennis Canfield, Lakeside Fire Protection District LVG
Story by Captain Bernie Molloy

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