Wednesday, March 13, 2013

They're Back..........Rattlesnakes


As most of us know Lakeside is "snake country", but knowing when they will make their yearly appearance has always been tricky. With the recent heat wave in the East County it would appear that the snakes are making their way out of their burrows. So once again it demands our vigilance when working in areas where snakes could be. For further information on rattlesnake safety CLICK HERE for a link to the California Fish and Game site.

Snake recently removed from a property in the Blossom Valley area.
Remember, the Lakeside Fire District can be called to remove snakes from your residential property. Isolate the snake and keep humans and pets away till the arrival of the firefighters.

Submitted By: Fire Captain Mark Grow, Lakeside Fire District

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  1. We've had the Alpine Fire Dept remove at least a half dozen snakes from our property. They are humane and have told us they leave the snakes in unpopulated areas where they can live and not be a threat to homeowners or pets.