Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Tuesday February 12, 2013 units from the Lakeside Fire Protection District assisted the Santee Fire department with a garage fire in a condominium complex at the north end of the city.  The dispatch was shortly before 7am and Lakeside Division Chief 4106 was on scene first and reported a well involved garage fire.  Santee Truck 4 was the next unit on scene followed closely by Lakeside Engine Company #2.  By the time Truck 4 made access to the garage to start the fire attack, Engine 2 had secured a water source and stretched attack lines to the front of the garage and were able to knock down the fire before it extend into any of the homes.  No one was injured and the cause of the fire is under investigation.

Units on scene: Santee Truck 4, Engine 5, Rescue 5, Medic 5, 4201, 4202, and 4203.  Lakeside units at scene were Engine 2, Engine 1, and 4106.

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