Monday, August 13, 2012

Downed Tree Closes El Monte Rd.

El Monte Valley:

On Saturday August 11th 2012, Lakeside Engine 3 from the Lake Jennings Station was dispatched to the report of a very large tree that had fallen across El Monte Rd by El Monte Park.  Upon arrival, Engine 3's crew found the tree broken at the base blocking El Monte Rd before the El Capitan Reservoir.  

The tree was completely across El Monte Rd
Engine 3's crew quickly secured area and met up with County Park Rangers.  CHP was dispatched along with a County Roads Crew to take care of the tree.  

The tree broke at the base
Fortunately the falling tree did not land on any vehicles, nor did it cause any traffic collisions.  The removal of the tree did take several hours so unfortunately many people who had spent the day at El Capitan Reservoir could not go home when they had planned.  

Photos and Story Submitted by: Captain Wes Barnes

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