Friday, January 13, 2012

Car Accident Takes Down Powerlines

Lakeside, CA -

On January 13, 2012, a vehicle traveling eastbound on Woodside Ave, just west of the Lakeside Middle School was involved in a collision with a power pole.  The vehicle ended up with a power pole on its roof and electrical lines down on the street.

The power pole was on top of the vehicle when it came to rest.

When Lakeside Engine 1, from the Riverview Station, arrived with Medic 2, a safety perimeter was established due to the numerous electrical and utility lines on the street.  In total there were one power line and 3 utility poles that were broken when the pole was struck by the vehicle.  The occupant of the vehicle, who escaped without injury, had jumped out of the vehicle after it had stopped to make sure nobody had been injured with the falling of the lines all around his car.

The transformers ended up in a ditch behind the vehicle
The nearby school had just let out and most of the children had already dispersed which was very fortunate. There were no injuries involved in this accident.  It is important to realize that when an accident involves energized lines it is not safe for the public to approach the vehicle.  As can be seen in the photos above, the lines were directly on and around the vehicle.  The pole that was damaged in this incident was a terminal pole and the lines to it had been severed which resulted in them having no charge.  This was not immediately known when crews arrived on scene.  If these lines had remained charged this situation  could have had a much worse outcome.

The poles on the other side of the street were damages as well
CHP was able to isolate the accident scene and closed Woodside Ave between Marilla Dr. and Riverview Dr.  SDG&E line crews are on scene tonight to replace the damaged poles and lines.  A full repair is expected within the next few days.

View Incident Map 2012 in a larger map

Story and Photos by:  Captain Bernie Molloy

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