Saturday, August 27, 2011

Truck Driver Narrowly Escapes Serious Injury

On Friday, August 26, 2011, at 2:48 p.m., Lakeside firefighters responded to a report of a large truck accident on Driftwood Creek Rd. near Quail Canyon Rd. in Blossom Valley. Engine 26s (Blossom Valley fire station), Rescue 3 and Medic 3 (Lake Jennings fire station) arrived on scene to find a Waste Management refuse truck in its side fifty-feet down an embankment.

Fortunately the driver was able to jump free of the vehicle after losing control before it plummeted down the hillside. He sustained only minor injuries.

Firefighter Todd Welch stands by with a safety hose line.

After attending to the injured driver, Lakeside firefighters stood by with safety hoselines for the vehicle recovery operation. Two heavy-duty tow trucks from RoadOne towing were required to pull the massive wreck back up to the roadway through the dry vegetation.

This effort required consultation with the supervisor

As you can imagine, it was no simple task to recover the refuse truck. The effort took close to three hours with temperatures hovering just below 100 degrees.

Submitted by: Chuck Palmore, Lakeside Fire Captain
Pictures by: Robert Williams, Lakeside Fire Engineer

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