Thursday, January 21, 2010

Weather Related Incidents keeps Lakeside Units Busy

Los Coches: On January 21st, at 12:48 PM, four companies, an ALS ambulance, and a Battalion Chief were dispatched by the Heartland Communications Center to a tree that had fallen on an occupied dwelling, in the 9200 block of Los Coches Rd. Crews were advised that a natural gas leak may also be present. On the arrival of Engine 2 they initiated a search and determined that all the occupants were accounted for, and uninjured. The crew quickly secured both electrical and gas service to the occupancy.

Crews from both Lakeside and El Cajon responded to the incident. Battalion 1 (Larkin) was the IC.

A large tree lies across a structure in the 9200 blk of Los Coches Rd. Firefighters were initially worried about trapped victims. No injuries were reported.



Winter Gardens: Prior to the tree call Lakeside units had responded five companies, an ALS ambulance, and a Battalion Chief to a reported "apartment fire" in the 9200 block of Winter Gardens Blvd. Upon the arrival of E1 it was determined that a large cypress tree had fallen into the power lines igniting a small fire. Crews became concerned that the wires would eventually fall, and a nearby elementary school was about to release the students which added to the potential danger.

The area was secured and SDG&E was requested. Units from San Miguel and Santee assisted Lakeside on the incident.

Captain Beto Lawler supervises operations on Rockcrest Rd near Winter Gardens Blvd. Firefighters were concerned about school aged kids in the area.

Crews also responded to a number of "wires down" calls in the Golden Ridge area, and in the Julian Ave area. 

In anticipation of the storm the Lakeside command staff had augmented staffing with two additional engine companies which allowed for quicker responses.

Submitted By: Captain Mark Grow, Lakeside Fire District

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